1100 Peachtree

Atlanta, GA

BellSouth Enterprises was looking for a building that would be large enough to accommodateits corporate headquarters in the Atlanta area. Additionally, the building would have to meetBellSouth’s stringent requirements, including substantial flexibility to accommodate futuregrowth.

After intense research into available properties that would meet all of BellSouth’s needs, the company decided upon Eleven Hundred Peachtree Street, the 28-story, 618,000-square-footClass-A tower in Midtown Atlanta that had been developed by Carter. It was the perfect locationfor ease of access and commuter convenience.

The Carter team had worked in conjunction with Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates to build the structure from the inside out. Carter heavily marketed the facility toBellSouth and won it over as anchor tenant for the building. Carter also worked out a deal tocontinue ownership and became owner/leasing agent for the facility.


Corporate Institutional


Smallwood / Reynolds / Stewart and Stewart Inc.