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Summerhill - Little Tart Bakeshop

Atlanta, Georgia

Little Tart Bakeshop at 68 Georgia Avenue opened in late January 2019 as the first retail in Summerhill. The shop is in a redeveloped building and the interior features original brick-and-plaster walls, cafe seating and plentiful natural light. The owner, pastry chef Sarah O’Brien, has been voted a James Beard Outstanding Baker Finalist for three years running. This is the third outpost of Little Tart Bakeshop, and the first true standalone. Their other locations are on Memorial Drive and in Krog Street Market. 

Sarah opened a new soft-serve ice cream shop next door at 66 Georgia Avenue in June 2019 that features homemade ice cream, cones and toppings.

Listen to an interview with Sarah O'Brien on the Atlanta Foodcast podcast:

Watch a video with Sarah O'Brien on the Carter YouTube channel:

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