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Summerhill - Hedgewood Homes

Atlanta, Georgia

Carter is proud to partner with Hedgewood Homes on a 2.5-acre for-sale residential project in Summerhill. 

Founded in 1985, Atlanta-based Hedgewood Homes has shaped the design and construction of multiple neighborhoods and over 4,000 homes throughout the Atlanta area. Hedgewood emphasizes eco-friendliness, civic connection, and walkability to craft a distinctive residential experience.

Over the next 18 months, Hedgewood plans to build approximately 100 for-sale residences. Hedgewood is currently in for permit, an plans to begin construction on the first ±25 homes in Fall 2019. Projected sale prices will range between $300,000 - $700,000 as compared to average sale prices of over $458,000 in Grant Park and nearly $325,000 in Summerhill in 2017, representing a 13% and 50% increase, respectively, over the previous five years according to Zillow.

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100 residences
2.5 acres




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