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Kimberly Clark

Roswell, GA

Kimberly-Clark Corporation retained Carter to assist in the site selection of a 60- to 80-acre tract in the Atlanta area for development of a divisional headquarters facility. That initial involvement rapidly expanded to project development services that lasted more than five years. Carter was initially selected by Kimberly-Clark to perform the Atlanta area site search for a planned regional headquarters in the southeastern United States. Carter assisted Kimberly Clark in aquiring a location that met its unique requirements for a natural office-park campus setting. Kimberly-Clark retained Carter to develop the first of six buildings. Completed under budget and in less than 10 months, the project led to development and construction management of a second office building, two research facilities, a conference center, and a health center.

Product Type

Health Center

Scope of Services

Project Size

642,618 sf




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