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Atlanta, GA

Considered one of metropolitan Atlanta’s most important corporate initiatives, AT&T’s (formerly BellSouth) Metro Plan called for the development of three sites totaling approximately 3.1 million square feet of office space. The comprehensive plan consolidated 13,000 of AT&T’s 19,000 employees from 23 locations throughout Atlanta into three facilities strategically located near MARTA transit stations.

To create a community-like environment for AT&T employees, the three sites offer amenities not typically found in a standard office environment. These include an auditorium and conference suites, cafeterias offering “take-home meals,” company stores, meditation rooms and full-service credit-union offices.

Remote parking deck locations at MARTA transit stations were also constructed to encourage the use of mass transit. In addition to using the remote sites to get to and from their office, employees can also commute between the three facilities and, in some cases, hold meetings at the remote parking decks’ mini-business/conference centers complete with temporary offices and Internet access.

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Corporate Office

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3.1 millions sf




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