The Saporta Report | A conversation with Carter's Adam Parker about Summerhill and 'The MET'

By King Williams, The Saporta Report.

Back in October of 2018, my second post for Saporta Report was published. In “Let’s build Atlanta as a city, not a suburb” I mentioned a few places I saw around the city and had concerns about.  

That article mentioned the Georgia State Stadium-Summerhill development, spearheaded by the developer Carter. After a conversation with Carter, I was invited to tour one of their current projects – The MET.

The MET is a 1 million square foot of warehouse built in 1914 by then owner Asa Candler of the Coca Cola company before the family sold it in 1919 to a group of investors led by Ernest Woodruff. 

The MET sits in South Atlanta in between Murphy Avenue and Metropolitan Parkway and is an eight minute walk to the West End MARTA Station. It’s one mile away from Carter’s other ongoing redevelopment project at Turner Field and Summer Hill. 

The MET is one of many projects from Carter, a developer which focuses on urban infill and public-private partnerships.
Below is an excerpt of an interview with Adam Parker, a Director at Carter on their latest rehab project, The MET as well as other topics including Summerhill. 

Dr. Renée Skeete, a sociologist here in Atlanta with expertise in the built environment, urban health and gentrification, joined me for this interview. 

The following is an edited excerpt of a longer conversation with Parker on The MET and Summerhill. 

King Williams: …In regards to Summerhill and now The MET, it seems like you [Carter] put your flag in South Atlanta, was that strategic or just happenstance? 

Adam Parker: It’s a little bit of both. 

It really all started with Summerhill back when the Braves left, we partnered with Georgia State. The Georgia Dome was being torn down and Georgia State needed a place to play football and you had an Olympic stadium coming online.

Georgia State, despite having capacity to build isn’t a developer, so what are you going to do with 5,000 parking spaces [at Turner Field (now Georgia State Stadium)]?

So, we found a good partnership there. Where Georgia State wanted the stadium and the parking spaces development. Summerhill was basically a snowball effect …and like you said, we’ve planted a flag.

Click here to read the full interview in The Saporta Report.


By King Williams, The Saporta Report


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